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Yes, we do provide you the refund of ₹99 if a customer cancel’s an order but, we can only provide any refund prior to the order completion. After the order is completed or sent to the customer they cannot cancel it and get refund.

Yes, we do provide a license to our customers to use our digital assets or services to whatever place do they want. There is no obligation no usage limit. And the license will be sent to customer’s email.

Yes, we do provide free consultations regarding any technical or digital problem or assistance or knowledge share, and there are various ways to contact us i.e. through email, phone, social media and our chat option on the website with Lexi.

No, we are not doing freelance here. This website only have the services that our team have the skills for, we are not hiring any freelancer for customer’s projects. Here we only take services we are capable for.

The customer just need to select a service, add it to cart, checkout, and then we will contact you to discuss the project after discussing the project we will call you again after sometime to share the quote price, so if the customer agree we will proceed otherwise refund ₹99 back for the order.

We distribute special offers and discounts to the customers registered with us randomly so anyone lucky can get a discount coupon on his email.

For creating an  account you just need to click on the account icon at the top right corner and it will open my account page where you will get the “Register” option there you have to enter your email address and we will send you a password on your email that you can use to login and you can also change the password there.

For contacting us you just need to check her most bottom bar in the website there you will see all types of contact options that we have.

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