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Photography as Art Form


Since its invention photography has affected how the world views and consumes history, as well as everyday life. A photograph is capable of not only capturing a brief moment in time, but can represent an entire social movement or be a catalyst for change.



Photography as an art form arose from advancements in technology which allowed photographers to manipulate their images to fit their artistic expression. Photographers are able to drastically change the outcome of an image through choosing various cameras, lenses, film, and the framing and timing of a shot. Filters, studio lighting, various darkroom processes, and digital enhancement add even more tools for photographers to manipulate their images.

The equipment and techniques chosen largely depend on the genre, the photographer’s individual style, and the overall tone they are attempting to achieve. Portrait photographers wishing to make an individual subject the focal point for a shot may use a large aperture for a shallow depth of field to put their subject in focus while keeping the background blurred. Landscape photographers wanting to clearly capture an entire panoramic view may choose the opposite.

Choosing black and white over color gives a timeless quality to photos and brings elements such as line, texture, and tone to the forefront. The choice of black and white (or another monotone process) may also help lead the eye away from elements that may distract from the photographer’s intended focus. Though some photography purists insist on forgoing digital enhancement of any kind, many choose to use it to retouch imperfections and enhance color, among other effects.

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