What is Programming?

Programming is a collaboration between humans and computers.


Programming is, quite literally, all around us. From the take-out we order, to the movies we stream, code enables everyday actions in our lives. Tech companies are no longer recognizable as just software companies — instead, they bring food to our door, help us get a taxi, influence outcomes in presidential elections, or act as a personal trainer.


For many years, only a few people have known how to code. However, that’s starting to change. The number of people learning to code is increasing year by year, with estimates around 26.2 million software developers worldwide, which doesn’t even account for the many OTHER careers that relate to programming.

Here at MostlyDigital, our mission is to make technical knowledge accessible and applicable. Technology plays a crucial role in our economy — but programming is no longer just for big companies now a days who have hired their personal programmers, we make it easy for everyone to access our programming services by just paying for only what you want.

Even outside of the tech industry, programming is essential to participating in the world around you: it affects the products you buy, the legal policies you vote for, and the data you share online.

So, let’s dig into all the programming services.

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